Imposition Specialist

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The Imposition Specialist creates digital layouts of flat and bound print products that conform to the company’s standards for sheet utilization, spoilage and other efficiency metrics.
  • Understands production processes required for every type of job and accordingly creates layouts that use the least amount of resources in terms of raw materials, time, manpower and processing.
  • Performs preliminary quality check on layouts to minimize rework.
  • Ensures timely submission of files to production.
  • Attends to production requests for custom setups and/or rework.
  • Coordinates with production staff on production schedules
  • Monitors production capacity and controls the flow of imposed documents to production.
  • Coordinates with proofing specialists on jobs that require attention or special processing
  • Interfaces with the Customer Service department and provides feedback on job status
  • Maintains the imposition software database and performs file backup and archiving.
  • Supports the Imposition Manager as well as other departments in process improvement initiatives.

Knowledge and Skills Required:

  • 3 to 5 years’ experience in printing and graphic design environment.
  • Strong knowledge of prepress, design and printing including familiarity with layout, trim, bleed, and trapping.
  • Must have an understanding of conventional lithographic offset printing process as well as digital and large format printing and variable data.
  • Proficient in the use of graphics and office productivity applications.
  • Ability to inspect and maintain all work to ensure consistent error free quality
  • Good time management skills when working on time sensitive projects.
  • Ability to identify file issues
  • Good judgment skills and the ability to work unsupervised
  • Exhibit written and oral communication skills
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